Benchmarking Tualatin Processors on the Asus P2B Series

Our projects to modify Asus P2B Series mainboards for improved Tualatin processor compatibility have been quite successful, so we decided to run performance benchmarks and publish the results. Unfortunately, selecting benchmarking software proved to be somewhat problematic as we found that some of the more popular freeware benchmarking applications did not appear to utilise both processors on our dual processor systems, and others did not produce consistent results between runs on the same hardware configuration. We therefore decided to run several benchmarking applications on each hardware configuration, publish all results, and allow readers to draw their own conclusions.

The applications used were:

All tests were run under Windows XP SP1 on an Asus P2B-DS revision 1.06 D03 mainboard modified as described on this site, BIOS version 1014 beta 3 (with Tualatin tB1 microcode added), running one or two Tualatin processors and a single 256MB Corsair PC150 DIMM set to 143Mhz (CAS 2) in the BIOS. We also tested single and dual Katmai PIII processors for comparison purposes. We recorded only processor and ram benchmark results.

Processors used were:
The author has upgraded processors on his main P2B-DS system three times since the system was originally purchased, and we found WinTune benchmark results for previous processors in the archives. The following graph illustrates the performance improvements gained as a result of these upgrades.
The children's P2B-S systems were also upgraded.
But Mom insisted on a new Pentium 4... bad choice!

On to the benchmark results....

Single Processor Benchmarks

Dual Processor Benchmarks

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